📰 A Media and Social Media Strategy for Paint the Streets

I had a brief brainstorm yesterday, coming up with a bit of a picture of what I would like to see for Paint the Streets M&M:


  • Mobilize and organize for actions

    • Give instructions on “how to” paint the streets
    • Connect people to form groups
    • Answer enquiries and engage with interested rebels
  • Brag --> Show collective power

  • Normalize civil disobedience

  • Elevate the profile of Paint the Streets actions and Extinction Rebellion in the public discourse

    • Show the public that we are fighting for a better world -> encourage them to join us


  • One main message

  • Spread across all channels

  • Easy pathways to join


  • Traditional media

  • Social Media - FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc

    • All XR SM channels -> there’s lots!
  • Youtube

    • XR TV
  • XR State and Local Newsletters

  • The Base

  • Paint the Streets Newsletter


  • Coordinators
  • Traditional Media Liaisons / Spokespeople
  • Comms channel admins (e.g. Facebook page admins)
  • Content creators - writers, graphic designers and artists, videographers, photographers
  • Messaging advisors / analysts

Now, I think a bunch of these roles could be carried out by existing M&M working group members (nationally and in the state groups) - but it would be good to have a few people creating and coordinating the content for Paint the Streets, and someone being the conduit to spread the main message to all of the channels.

I think this would make the jobs of the existing, already very busy M&M working group members easier and free them up a bit to catch up with things or have some time for proactivity. It would be really really cool if we could get some good engagement going with some traditional media or social media “influencers” e.g. the Honest Government Ads, ABC radio presenters, the Project, etc.

Who is up for this?

Please let me know if you’d be interested in taking on a role as Paint the Streets M&M coordinator.
Also please let me know if you’re interested in contributing from your current role in a media and messaging team, or in any of the other roles up there (or others you can think of that I haven’t mentioned).


Im really excited about the Paint the Streets bigger picture and have some ideas for building it. The next two weeks or so I am pretty busy with other WG projects (and actual postering!!) but I am still so up for this!


I’m very interested in messaging and am working on a draft document (based on lots of conversations) that will be circulated for comment soon. But that would be in my current messaging role in Vic M&M. I have no capacity to take on more roles right now. Much as I love Paint the Streets!

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I’m here from XRTV to do video. Let’s talk.

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I am interested and excited about furthering the PTS agenda.

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Hi ebxroz
There is current video footage of a live paste up in frankston check out paint the streets Australia Facebook page video section

A bunch of mornpen rebels are planning a post up this coming Wednesday night 7pm if your available
Light might be an issue thats for you to consider hey
Dress warm

Hi Costas! Great to hear from ya.

I have some feelers out for a shooter for Wednesday night. Let’s connect tomorrow or Tuesday on the phone to suss out the details hombre.


We will be out pasting up on main street
Mornington this Wednesday night 7pm start

Look for the high Vis crew

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