4 projects to help build the movement - what do you think?

Four projects I propose to help XR mobilise in Australia – what do you think, what should be prioritised?

Project 1: Demystifying Arrest https://cloud.ausrebellion.earth/index.php/s/imqBnBKTcMGFqJB

Aims to increase the culture of people being willing to be arrested through providing information about the reality of this – that the costs are very very low. Link here

Project 2: Optimising our messaging https://cloud.ausrebellion.earth/index.php/s/ct5eGDyYRtw4tny

Increase our mobilisation efforts into different ‘markets’ namely see if those that are generally ‘pissed off with state of politics’ are ready to rebel with us. Whilst also honing our messaging through the use of statistical analysis using marketing tools

Project 3: Contacting people with specific skills in our database

Reach out to those in our database with skills in the dark arts – Marketing, Sales, and Project Management, and actively recruit them into our Mobilisation and Media teams. (In order to do this we need to have functioning teams/projects for them to join). There are very experienced people who come up in AN with these search terms, e.g.

“I’m a GM of a multinational business with strong branding and marketing background. I know how to organise campaigns, develop creative ideas into meaningful messages and get jobs done. I can help.” Victoria

“Extensive marketing and PR experience” NSW

“I work in marketing so would love to offer my experience in this area where possible.” SA

Project 4: Re-Vitalisation Sessions for old members
Where are all our old rebel buddies who’ve dropped off the radar? Why did they step-back, are they ready to come back? Do we need to put content together/host events to bring us back together and reinspire ourselves? One way to do this could be to share the mass mobilisation plan (waves 1,2,3) which seems to inspire people from what I’ve seen. As physical distancing relaxes across Australia it will be pivotal to bring people together in real life, in real communities.


I reckon contacting people with those specific skills and asking if they will take on a role is a good strategy. That is what Val did for me a while back, and while I initially said no, that I was too busy, it was the one thing that really got me thinking and planted a seed, as someone had contacted me personally (via text) and said, you have got these skills and we need then, and can you help. But agree we need to be able to plug them into projects straight away.

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