Base Setup and Onboarding Project

I’m just revisiting this plan to evaluate and update.
(1) Get a few working groups using the Base:
There has been progress on this, with the following groups moving some or most of their online comms onto the Base:

  • The XR Vic Anchor Circle
  • The XR Vic Strategy Circle (which is still forming)
  • The XR Vic Outreach Group has started sharing some communications on there.
    XR Macedon Ranges has started using their category in earnest and there’s also a few national groups that have dipped their toes:
  • National SOS
  • Strategy Discussion Nationally

(2) Build libraries of useful documents, tools, resources. Seek feedback on the Base.
There’s a few aspects to this:

  • The Resources, Guides and Procedures has a decent collection of stuff, but some of it is not well presented or curated. It would be worthwhile have a project to improve this section.
  • There are some useful resources within the Victoria categories including a directory of upcoming actions, a map of the XR Vic SOS and contact details for the groups in it. The Vic SOS map would be better if it linked to individual topics on each group which could talk about their current projects and needs as well as how they can help rebels and local groups.
  • The VIC jobs board is there but there is tension about hosting it on the Base.

(3) Build a moderation team.
So far there is not really much of a team but it is not needed thus far.

(4) Move off of XR Vic Discussion Group
More work is needed before doing this.

Rollout Plan

With this in mind, I am preparing a plan for the next phase of Base rollout.

My proposal is to work in a few stages:

Stage 1 - XR Vic WG and XR National WG Onboarding

This stage involves concerted attempts to onboard some Vic working groups and start one or two national working groups. Victoria is chosen as a focus area because I am from there and have direct communications with the groups.

Onboard some Vic working groups: This will involve a concerted effort to onboard some specific working groups en masse. This is to test how difficult it is, what the barriers are, how accessible it is, and whether the groups see much benefit and how quickly. I will try first with the Outreach group (which has already shown interest), and perhaps with the Actions group.

Get National WG Activity Going: This will be done by continuing the current discussion on autumn rebellion strategy and seeing if this momentum can be continued by forming some sort of national strategy working group.

Make resources for self-onboarding of working groups and individuals: There is already a basic How to Get on the Base Guide and Video. I will make a basic guide to onboarding working groups and how to use it effectively for working, local, community and affinity groups so that they can onboard themselves. This will involve improving the FAQ, and providing other guides for self-organising. I will also host a regular “Base Support / Onboarding” zoom and invite groups to send people to ask their questions and get help.

Stage 2 - Work In Progress

I have ideas on this but I don’t have time to work on them today. See ya later.

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